The Alphabet of Winning

How to Gain your Attitude Quotient

Affirm that you can do it
Believe that somehow, sometime you can achieve your heart’s highest goal
Commit yourself to a dream
Dare to try… to take a risk
Educate yourself
Find the talent, the possibilities
Junk the junk food of your mind
Knock out depression, discouragement, all kinds of forecast of gloom
Laugh at yourself!
Make it happen!
Never give up!
Overlook and overcome your own and other people s imperfection
Quit complaining because life isn’t as nice as you want it!
Reorganize… your life is not static
Share the credit… the power… the glory…, share your feelings… your gratitute…
Trade off… decide what you will give up in order to keep what you’ve got
Unlock some human values you have never experienced before and let them be your driving force to success

If you think you re a winner, you’ll win
If you dare to step out, you’ll succeed
Believe in your heart, have a purpose to start
Aim to help fellow men in his need

You’ve been given the power to see
What it takes to be a real man,
Let your thinking be pure, it will make you secure
If you want to, you know that you can

Visualize your dream before you
Work… there is no substitute for work
X-ray your deepest natures
Zip it up with A Zing

Seize this very minute
What can you do or dream
You can do it, begin it!
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it
Only engage and then the mind grows heated
Begin and then work will be completed


Thanks to Marie Zelie S. Tan
Paris Conference, May 12-16, 2001

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