The World of Graphic Arts [1/6]

Prepress and Premedia
Systems – Appliances – Software

1.1005 Waste disposal
1.1010 Bending devices for printing plates
1.1015 Extraction plant for gases
1.1020 Waste water treatment plant
1.1025 Filing equipment
1.1030 Etching equipment for gravure
1.1035 Etch depth measuring devices
1.1040 Washing out units for letterpress and flexo plates
1.1045 Light generation
1.1050 Exposure meters
1.1055 Exposure control devices
1.1060 Coating machines for printing plates
1.1065 Production data acquisition
1.1070 Image and word processing systems
1.1075 Image viewing devices
1.1080 Editing terminals
1.1085 Lead composition
1.1090 CAD systems
1.1100 CD-technologies
1.1105 Computer to film systems
1.1110 Computer to plate systems
1.1115 Computer to press systems
1.1120 Database systems
1.1125 Densitometers
1.1130 Desktop publishing systems (DTP)
1.1135 Printing control strips and test bars
1.1140 Darkroom equipment
1.1145 Burning in cabinets
1.1150 Film processors for printing plate production
1.1155 Film processors
1.1160 Fax machines
1.1165 Colour matching systems
1.1170 Colour extract and enlargement systems
1.1175 Colour measurement and test apparatus
1.1180 Film processing equipment
1.1185 Film dryers
1.1190 Filters for reproduction (light filters)
1.1195 Filters (for filtrate liquid or gaseous substances)
1.1200 Photo exposure units
1.1205 Photo setting systems
1.1210 Electroplating facilities
1.1215 Design and make-up systems
1.1220 Engraving machines for gravure printing plate production
1.1225 Engraving machines for embossing plates
1.1230 Holographic systems
1.1235 Cameras, digital
1.1240 Conditioning equipment
1.1245 Printing down equipment for letterpress and flexo platemaking
1.1250 Printing down equipment for offset platemaking
1.1255 Printing down equipment for photographic films and papers
1.1260 Printing down equipment for screen printing stencils
1.1265 Printing down equipment for gravure printing formes
1.1270 Blankets for printing down units
1.1275 Laser technology for forme making
1.1280 Layout auxiliary equipment
1.1285 Character recognition machines
1.1290 Illuminated and make-up tables
1.1295 Light integrators
1.1300 Dyeline copying units
1.1305 Light sources for reproduction
1.1310 Measuring and testing equipment
1.1315 Mounting and registering systems for printing formes
1.1320 Paste-up printing-down units
1.1325 Mounting systems for reproduction
1.1330 Optical equipment for reproduction
1.1335 Plotters
1.1340 Embossing formes and dies
1.1345 Programming units for reproduction
1.1350 Proof systems
1.1355 Raster image processors RIP’s
1.1360 Control systems
1.1365 Register systems
1.1370 Step-and-repeat machines (photocomposing machines)
1.1375 Reproduction cameras
1.1380 Retouching systems
1.1385 Recovery plants for liquids and gases
1.1390 Typesetting computers
1.1395 Scanners
1.1400 Fonts
1.1405 Page make up and layout systems
1.1410 Software for production data acquisition
1.1415 Software for image processing
1.1420 Drying units and cabinets
1.1425 Enlargers for reproduction
1.1430 Video systems for reproduction
1.1435 Cylinder correction devices for gravure
1.1440 Cylinder racks
1.1445 Cylinder grinding machines

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