The World of Graphic Arts [3/6]

Bookbinding – Print Finishing
Machinery – Appliances – Accessories

3.1005 Waste disposal
3.1010 Exhaust air purification units
3.1015 Extraction plant for solids
3.1020 Extraction plant for gases
3.1025 Addressing equipment for printed products
3.1030 Waste paper disposal plant
3.1035 Bonding machines
3.1040 Banding machines
3.1042 Steel rule die-making machines
3.1045 Loading and unloading devices for guillotines and guillotine systems
3.1050 Inserting machines
3.1055 Production data acquisition
3.1057 Sheeter for cover material
3.1060 Block-making machines
3.1070 Tipping machines for signatures
3.1075 Sheet feeders
3.1080 Sheet delivery units
3.1085 Sheet piling devices
3.1090 Book embossing presses
3.1095 Book casemaking machines
3.1100 Book jacketing machines
3.1105 Book manufacturing lines
3.1110 Book presses
3.1115 Book back rounding and pressing machines
3.1120 Book back gluing machines
3.1125 Bundling machines
3.1130 Bundle presses
3.1135 Wire and plastic binding machines
3.1140 Wire stitchers
3.1145 Three-knife trimmers
3.1150 Corner rounding machines
3.1155 Back stripping machines
3.1160 Casing-in machines
3.1165 Continuous stationery converting machines
3.1170 Labelling machines for printed products
3.1175 Sewing machines
3.1180 Fold burning-in machines
3.1185 Folding and pasting units
3.1190 Folding and seaming machines
3.1195 Nipping machines
3.1200 Filters (for liquids and gases)
3.1205 Foil sealing machines
3.1210 Conveyor systems (not floor conveyors)
3.1215 Collating machines for printed forms
3.1220 Gilt edge machines
3.1225 Elevating platforms
3.1230 Calendar block making machines
3.1235 Headbanding and backlining machines
3.1240 Laminating machines
3.1245 Stitching machines
3.1250 Perfect binding machines
3.1255 Glueing machines
3.1260 Glue feeding systems
3.1265 Adhesive applicating machines and devices
3.1270 Conditioning equipment
3.1275 Compensating stacker
3.1280 Varnishing machines, lacquering machines
3.1285 Press control desk technology
3.1290 Bookmark ribboning machines
3.1295 Ruling machines
3.1300 Hole punching and eyeleting machines
3.1305 Hole punches
3.1307 Ventilation systems
3.1310 Mailer machines
3.1315 Measuring and testing equipment
3.1320 Rivetting machines
3.1325 Numbering units and machines
3.1330 Paging machines and equipment
3.1335 Palletising equipment
3.1340 Paper drilling machines and accessories
3.1345 Moisture content measuring equipment for paper
3.1347 Paper and baling presses
3.1350 Cardboard cutters
3.1355 Perforating machines
3.1360 Perforating instruments and equipment
3.1365 Embossing formes and dies
3.1370 Control systems
3.1375 Index tabs cutting and printing machines
3.1380 Jogging tables
3.1385 Gathering and stitching machines
3.1390 Noise reduction equipment
3.1395 Cheque-book making machines
3.1397 Cutting, punching ans scoring rules
3.1400 Guillotines and guillotine systems
3.1405 Jacketing machines
3.1407 Software for production data acquisition
3.1408 Expanding shafts and couplings
3.1409 Inside lining machines
3.1410 Die-cutting formes for bookbinding and print finishing
3.1411 Pile stackers
3.1415 Die-cutters for bookbinding and print finishing
3.1420 Stacking and piling equipment
3.1425 Strip wrapper banding machines
3.1430 Drying plants
3.1435 Tying machines
3.1440 Mailroom equipment for printed products
3.1445 Endpapering machines
3.1447 Counting equipment
3.1450 Zigzag folders
3.1455 Gathering and collating machines

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