The World of Graphic Arts [4/6]

Paper Converting – Package Production
Machinery – Appliances – Accessories

4.1005 Waste disposal
4.1010 Unwinding equipment
4.1015 Tally-roll manufacturing machines
4.1020 Arm stitchers
4.1025 Collapsible box gluer
4.1030 Stripping equipment
4.1035 Autopasters
4.1040 Band saws
4.1045 Web guides
4.1047 Steel rule die-making machines
4.1050 Cup making machines
4.1055 Flocking machines and plants
4.1060 Cardboard lining machines, box covering machines
4.1065 Coating machines and devices
4.1067 Production data acquisition
4.1070 Bag making machines
4.1075 Bending machines
4.1080 Beermat making machines
4.1085 Bottom folding devices, bottom cap bonding devices
4.1090 Letter-file-making machines
4.1100 Letter file making machines
4.1105 Compact Disc sleeve making machines
4.1110 Diaper making machines
4.1115 Cover making machines
4.1120 Diagram multiplex reel-making machines
4.1125 Can manufacturing machinery
4.1130 Doubling machines for cotton wool
4.1135 Automatic printing, folding and closing machines
4.1140 Printer-slotters
4.1145 Duplicate book making machines
4.1150 Ice cream cone wrapping machinery
4.1155 Electron accelerators for hardening
4.1160 Static eliminators
4.1165 Label making machines
4.1170 Thread knotting machines for tags
4.1175 Folding and glueing machines
4.1180 Folding box making machines
4.1185 Folding box wrapping machines
4.1190 Folding box bundling machines
4.1195 Folding box printing and stamping machines (combined)
4.1200 Folding box glueing machines
4.1205 Folding carton prefeeder
4.1210 Fibrous material moulding machines
4.1215 Carton windowing machines
4.1220 Moisturised wipe making machines
4.1225 Flame welders for watertight packaging
4.1230 Conveyor systems (not floor conveyors)
4.1235 Folding box lining machines
4.1240 Face towel making machines
4.1245 Gumming apparatus and machines
4.1250 Piston operated stamping machines
4.1255 Tube slicing and dividing machines
4.1260 Tube winding machines
4.1265 Impregnating machines
4.1270 Edgeboard protector manufacturing lines
4.1275 Edge glueing machines
4.1280 Lining machines, laminators
4.1285 Cash register block making machines
4.1290 Cash register roll making machines
4.1295 Adhesive applicating machines and devices
4.1300 Composite can manufacturing machines
4.1302 Conditioning equipment
4.1305 Circular knives
4.1310 Circular shears
4.1315 Straight knives
4.1320 Slitting and cross cutting machines
4.1322 Ventilation systems
4.1325 Knife grinding machines
4.1330 Plants for metallizing
4.1335 Paper cup making machines
4.1340 Paper container manufacturing machines
4.1345 Paper towel making machines
4.1350 Paper serviette making machines
4.1355 Paper handkerchief making machines
4.1357 Paper and baling presses
4.1360 Fibre drum manufacturing lines
4.1365 Cardboard plate making machines
4.1370 Paraffining machines, waxing machines – and plants
4.1375 Embossing and stamping machines
4.1380 Embossed foil printing machines
4.1385 Cross cutting machines
4.1390 Creasing and scoring machines
4.1395 Combination creasing, scoring, slitting and cross cutting machines
4.1400 Reel slitting and rewinding machines
4.1405 Reeling machines for film web winding up and unwinding
4.1410 Rotary cross cutting machines
4.1415 Rotary cutters
4.1420 Rotary die cutting machines
4.1425 Sack making machines
4.1430 Box making machines, carton making machines
4.1435 Box lining and covering machines
4.1440 Slotting machines
4.1442 Cutting, punching and scoring rules
4.1445 Lever-file making machines
4.1447 Cutting machines
4.1450 Exercise book making machines
4.1455 Sectional printing and die-cutting machines
4.1460 Seal making machines
4.1462 Software for production data acquisition
4.1465 Expanding shafts and couplings
4.1470 Cone-shaped bags, machines for making
4.1472 Punching forms
4.1475 Die-cutting machines
4.1480 Embossing plate
4.1485 Stacking devices for folding carton blanks
4.1490 Pile turners
4.1495 Helical slitting machines
4.1500 Helical plugging machines
4.1505 Wallpaper making machines
4.1510 Deep drawing machines for paperboard
4.1515 Toilet paper-making machines
4.1520 Carrier bag handle glueing machines
4.1525 Carrier bag making machines
4.1530 Tray making machines
4.1535 Shipping bag making machines
4.1540 Corrugated board machines
4.1545 Corrugated board converting machines
4.1550 Non-stop rewinders
4.1555 Winding shafts
4.1560 Nappy making machines
4.1562 Nappy pouch making machines
4.1565 Counting equipment
4.1570 Cotton wool cutting machines

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